Literal Crap

Except for a lone flip flop that took up residence on our tree lawn* for a few days, it’s been a surprisingly CLEAN period of time in front of the house.

There’s one exception . . . Niels’ car. This past week, his car (which is often parked in front of the house) has been the unfortunate target of some massive bird strikes. And as luck would have it, the strikes started the day after he got his car washed. The most amazing one is on his tire – I really can’t figure out how the angle was just right to make this wonder happen:

It’s even on the street.

In addition to that passenger side rear tire, the roof

and next to the driver’s door

also fell victim. All in all, I kinda prefer the random crap on the corner…

*(Def. tree lawn: what people from Cleveland, Ohio call the strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk, even if there’s no tree on it. Niels calls it that too now, just to make me happy :) )

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