Corner a la crap.

This week is the first anniversary of moving into our lovely rental home in L.A. Other than the fact that we don’t own it, it’s kinda great. Lots of room, a great yard that gardeners come and take care of, great weather, neighbors who finally seem to have learned to NOT block our driveway. . . the list could go on. There are the downsides too – the weekend soccer games in the park across the street with overly exuberant parents, and other noises of city life. But the one thing we just can’t understand is the RANDOM CRAP. WHY US?

Meet our corner, as seen from our balcony. ¬†This is how it’s supposed to look.

A couple of times a week, the corner gets some special flavor such as a randomly appearing piece of furniture, a mound of furniture padding, “artwork”, a perfectly nice vase stored upside down, a stroller wheel, and who knows what else.

This blog is the story of that junk.  Welcome to our world.

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We're just two peeps who don't really want to see your trash. Unless we can use it... :)
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