Clean up crew?!?!

What perfect timing.  As I’m trying to get some shots of this morning’s surprise (garbage bag and plant table) seen below, something magical happened.

Within less than five minutes, I notice that the plant stand is GONE.

Notice - no plant stand

And as I’m taking the picture above, there’s a white Jeep that comes creeping around the corner, going the wrong way on the street (of course) and she stops.  And she stares.  And she gets out of her car, picks up the bag, and proceeds to PUT IT INTO HER CAR.



She drove around the block again to make sure she didn’t miss anything.  Who knows, maybe we should thank her?

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  1. Susan M.:

    I was about to leave a comment telling you how quirky and fun this blog is and then I realized that I might never sleep again if I don’t find out what was in that bag. Thanks a lot! :)

  2. kasner:

    I believe it was a white plastic dish drainer. You know, one of those things that if someone thought it needed to be thrown out, it probably needed to stay in the garbage?

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